Saturday, January 7, 2012

Become A Moderator!

Hey Everybody!

So since i'm busy during the week sometimes and stuff  I was thinking of making some mods!

.Must Have An Account On Animal Jam!
.Must Be Victory's Buddy!
.Must Fill Out Correct Form Bellow

Username On Aj:
Are You Busy Most Times?:
Are You My Buddy Yet?:
If You Got The Job,What Server Should We Meet And What Room?:
Anything Else You Need To Add?:

Oh! And the server/room MUST NOT be full and you must fill out the whole form! No skipping!


~Victory :)


  1. Hey Victory!It's me pikachu333 you joined my blog and so ima going to join yours i was looking at this post and since ima not your friend i would like to look you up and friend you :3! I was wondering if victory or -victory shiver claws is your username plz reply :l.

    1. Its Harveymoon :) I'll clear some room in my buddy list.


    2. hey do youcheck the blog at all or play animal jam you sure dont seem like it>?????....

  2. Sophie2011
    Pecos / pillow room
    nope thats about it.....exept that this is Sophie!

  3. please please PLEASE let me be a mod!

  4. Replies
    1. Dude none of these are correct on my account but i've never been a moderator :(

  5. im trying but it wont load!D:

  6. sweet victory let me become Head-Moderator! sweet!

  7. AWESOME KATES! guess that payed for not being co-owner!

  8. chicksoccer,
    no,youwere not on today..
    bremer,my den
    ok plz make me mod r u a mod???

  9. chicksoccer,
    what are the requiourments and perks of being a mod what do we get as prizes and more???? sorry i am courious and i know some scammer i saw them scam but they never get banned but if they do it again i help aj and banned them i only mean to help no hard feelings....?????

  10. i have seen alot or scammers and more in only 4 to 5 month on aj so i will stop them i have got scammed alot but i just changed my word i have not got sxcammed since it was usally every week but no worries but can u make me a head mod i will make aj safe for every 1 i try new servers every day so i will help aj watch out aj im coming for you scammers i not be unreasonable if necaserrey i i banned forever but only in the most sever cases

  11. ps. that last 1 was chicksoccer srry forgot thx make me mod plz and srry for all the messages i just hope i am eligable...

  12. umm how often do u check your blog and when do we know we qualify for the job ????

  13. DO YOU EVER CHECK THIS BLOG BECAUSE I REALLY NEED AT LEAST A YES OR NO AND PLEAASE SEND ME GIFTS ON Aj june 27th was my birthday!!!!!! thx jammer remember trade me ND NO SCAMMING....


  14. can i become a mod pleaSe!!

  15. aaapuppydogsealpup18
    ural in appondale

  16. my user is claren44391
    i go on everyday
    no i'm no your buddy yet
    rocky my den
    thanks claren44391 out!

  17. hi victory no i am not busy at most times my user on animal jam is tigerlily158 i would very much enjoy being your buddy and a mod. i usually go on animal jam every day. the server i would like to go on is rocky its less crowded there i would like to meet you in my den ok bye i hope we can talk about this.

  18. this is fuzzycutepuppy101, i was looking into being a mod, i have expierience for looking out for people because i have little sister
    i want to keep animal jam safe and sound, i don't want anybody to know anybody's personal information because it will make it safer for me and all jammers!

  19. ~Form~
    Username On Aj: Skipper54321
    Are You Busy Most Times?: NOPE! But I do actually try to defend people on animal jam from bullies.
    Are You My Buddy Yet?: Not yet but I would LOVE to!!!
    If You Got The Job,What Server Should We Meet And What Room?: Whichever room is fine with me.
    Anything Else You Need To Add?: Umm, I think that's all except I would LOVE to be a mod and your bud! :D -Skipper

  20. whats your use

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. time485
    not very much
    no but i will
    pillow room server congo
    i be on animal jam alot im a good person plus i see someone using bad language and more every day

  23. I don't think it worked on me and im alli81

  24. i dont know who u are

  25. Username On Aj: kippy44
    Are You Busy Most Times?: Yeah, some what but I tend to help my sister around the servers and place.
    Are You My Buddy Yet?: No, I am currently not your buddy
    If You Got The Job,What Server Should We Meet And What Room?: Sever: Kama. Room: Jam mart clothing (Due to it not being an active place)
    Anything Else You Need To Add?: Well, I have been a member around the time AnimalJam has become open to non-members. I tend to try to break up fussing...

    (Ah, not sure if this is still going but hey, it's worth a shot)

  26. hey victory do you have any membership codes i can use i cant buy one and can you plz friend me my user is lilli10119

  27. ok so how do i become one now? first what is your username so i can buddy you. user is LAskater1335

  28. what is your user TELL US

  29. Username On Aj: Thunderclan120
    Are You Busy Most Times?: no
    Are You My Buddy Yet?: no
    If You Got The Job,What Server Should We Meet And What Room?: in my den
    Anything Else You Need To Add?: no

  30. Username On Aj: xbxy34
    Are You Busy Most Times?: no , I play everyday
    Are You My Buddy Yet?: nope , but Buddy request sent !
    Server / Room?: Server : Aldan / Room : MT.shiveer
    Anything Else You Need To Add?: Yep, If i will be a moderator , i will be helpful and good at all times when someone needs help

  31. Username On Aj: disneylover09 Are You Busy Most Times?: I am on alot but school is comming so i may be on like before school.
    Are you my buddy yet?: No, I sent a request hopfuly your username is victory :I lol if not please say what it is.
    Server/room?: Server: Brazos / Room: Jamma Township
    Anything else you need to add?: Yup, If I become a moderator i will do my best to keep the whole game safe from anyone who is rude gross or curising. Thanks and have a nice day.

  32. ~Form~
    Username On Aj:Cutewittlebunny567
    Are You Busy Most Times?:Nope. I need to get a life. X3
    Are You My Buddy Yet?:Sent a request
    If You Got The Job,What Server Should We Meet And What Room?:My den. Idc
    Anything Else You Need To Add?: I like pie. Murp. XD


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